Indy Vegans

Started in 2010

Indy Vegans is a group whose goal is to create a vegan community in Indianapolis.  I started Indy Vegans simply as message board to connect with other vegans in my city.  When I moved back to Indianapolis from Bloomington I found that a few of my friends had stopped being vegan mainly because it is hard to be vegan in Indianapolis.  I figured I might as well try something.

Indy Vegans soon evolved into what it is now, a blog sharing information about veganism and vegan nutrition.  We also meet up at least once a month at a vegan friendly restaurant in the city and at other events.

Indy Vegans has roughly ten people working on it and is an all volunteer based project.  Some people put together events, mainly live music shows, and others people write for the blog.

Last year, for our annual big get together, Thanksvegan, we released the first edition of a mini magazine called “The Do Something Zine”  (  The Do Something Zine lists a variety of ways that people can get active in their community.  It is not vegan specific.

While already a success, Indy Vegans is still in its infancy, being roughly a year old.  I am excited to see where it will go.