Decaying Youth Buttons

Started in 2006

Decaying Youth, is a company that specializes in making custom buttons for bands, events, businesses and more.  Currently we offer two button sizes, one inch and one and a half inch.

I started making buttons in my junior year of high school after saving up some money from working as a server at a local restaurant.  I was in a band that was playing a lot of shows so I figured I would buy a button maker so I could make buttons for my band and friend’s bands.  After a year the business had expanded, through word of mouth and the website.  I started making more money with buttons than working part time at minimum wage so I quit my job and kept going with the buttons.  I continued this throughout college where I was able to make enough money to pay for basic needs and to finance releasing records on my own label, Useless World Records (

While most of the button making for Decaying Youth is done by me,  there have been times when a large number of orders or school work required me to use temporary workers, although this has only been on an as needed basis.

Decaying Youth has mainly been a hobby that I developed into a small business.  I have been making websites since I was in middle school so I created the website with support from a friend who designed the main graphics and logos.  Because I have viewed Decaying Youth as a business hobby I have maintained monthly spreadsheets documenting sales, costs, and net income since its inception.  In order to increase business I have also done some advertising with Google Adwords as well as in magazines.

The success of Decaying Youth is attributable to a quality product, at a fair price, delivered in a reasonable time.  I am proud of this accomplishment.